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For each rosette your pet wins from our main classes, they will be awarded a point towards their total.
Pet of the Season runs Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, and Oct-Dec. The pet with the most rosettes won between each season will be awarded our winner.

At the end of the entire year, all 4 winners get put forward for PET OF THE YEAR. Please note each winner is required to submit a photo and paragraph about their pet. It is the owner's responsibility to do this.
Pet of the Year is not based on the overall rosettes and will be judged as a separate class. 
If the winners are drawing, your placing will be determined based on how many 1st places you win, etc.

Please note you can only win Pet of the Season once every 12 months, you will be eligible again 12 months from your win date. I.E Win Jan-March, you will be eligible from April onwards.

NE = Not Eligible
PW = Previous Winners

If you have any queries regarding your points, please contact as soon as possible.

NOTE: Championships and Supreme Championships do NOT count towards points. (As of July 2023)
If more than one pet is named on the entry the point will be awarded to the 1st pet listed ONLY.

Please ensure you are using the same name for your entries, we will not change your results should you use another name.

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