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Our in house judging team.

Interested in being part of the team? Please fill in our form, click here.


V. Ollive


I am really lucky to have recently joined the judging panel of OPS.

My background is nursing ~ I worked for 42 years in various senior nursing roles in the NHS & enjoyed every minute! I am now retired living in the Kent countryside with my husband & cat, Phoebe~ she was a rescued street cat & we adopted her from Romania 4 years ago.
I have a real passion for all animals & have had several dogs, rabbits & cats during my lifetime.
I love being involved in the online pet shows & seeing the different photo’s each month of everyone’s pets.

A. Harvey


Hi everyone! 
My name is Abbie and I’m a registered veterinary nurse and I work for the RSPCA, I have worked here now for the past 8 years and I know it sounds cliche but it honestly is the best job ever and no we don't just cuddle kittens and puppies all day although that is such a treat 😂 

I foster animals all the time and I've fostered 2 puppies, a chihuahua from an 84 dog hoarding case and a diabetic dog who was from a puppy farm! I've also fostered over 39 kittens! 

I've always been such a huge animal lover and now I get to turn that passion into my job is even better! 

I'm honoured that I have been asked to judge this show and I can't wait to judge all of your beautiful pets! 


K. Betros


Kim. is an avid pet enthusiast, having shared life with all types of dogs and cats from Chihuahuas to Saint Bernards and Persians to Maine Coons.   She has also had different types of pet fish and recently had the opportunity to raise Swallowtail butterflies.   Her early days were spent on a dairy farm that had a menagerie of other animals, including goats (for which she has a special fondness), chickens, pigs, bunnies, and, of course, horses.    Horses are a large part of her life.   Over the years, she has ridden and competed in several disciplines. 


Kim has sponsored and judged multiple Online Pet Show and Online Horse Show classes.   She regularly participates in 'You be the judge'    classes for horse shows and has judged local 'fun'  horse shows.   Kim and her husband, Bob, reside in New York state with their two Maine Coons, Wile E Coyote and Ramius the Red,   Butternut the Pekingese, and rescue kitties, Scruffy, Bill and Phil.     Her equine partner is Austin's Painted Eeyore, a Quarter Horse rescue, with whom she enjoys many wonderful adventures.   

ch team member. Make it short and informative to keep your visitors engaged.

Kim  in robe & Butternut.jpeg

N. Gamba


I have been a huge animal lover all my life. I’ve always had lots of pets of all different species. I currently have cats, rabbits and guinea pigs which are all rescues. In the past I’ve had dogs, birds and even a pet frog. Online pet shows have been my hobby for the past four years. I have entered, sponsored and judged during that time. I have been sponsoring and judging in the Online Pet Show for over two years. Professionally I am a qualified Librarian, at one point I worked in the Zoological department at The Natural History Museum. I gave up commuting to London because I wanted to adopt a big pet family and be able to spend the majority of my time with them.

L. Chamberlain


Hi! My name is Lexee. I live in the US and I'm the epitome of a crazy cat lady! My husband, son and I have 6 indoor cats, 4 outdoor feral/stray cats who we take care of, a few goats, and several chickens! My dream is to run a cat rescue or cattery one day. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to see photos of everyone's beloved pets! 


S. Beveridge


Hi, my name is Sarah and I live in sunny France. I previously worked as a claims manager for a pet insurance company but now own and run pet friendly holiday accommodation in south west France. As well as 3 horses we have a dog, cat and chickens at home. If we had more time and space there would be lots more animals! I love seeing the variety of pets you all have. 

J. Stopher


I am a registered veterinary nurse and qualified in 2016. I have had an array of pets ranging from small to large, including goldfish, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, a cat, dogs and horses. 
I currently have 3 dogs, and look after my mums 3 on a regular basis, a cat (who lives with my mum), and a horse. 
I live in Nottinghamshire with my wonderful other half who most of the time enjoys our menagerie! 

South_Notts_Ride_Papplewick_26th_Aug _2019_168-(ZF-9888-44434-1-004).jpg
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