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Online Pet Showing Essential Top Tips

Online Pet Showing Tip #1 - Choosing the Right Class

To select the most suitable class for you and your pet, it's essential to read the class description thoroughly. Click on the desired class and scroll down to see the detailed criteria and rules. Matching your entry with the class theme significantly increases your chances of winning a rosette. If you have any doubts, feel free to email us or send a private message via social media.

Online Pet Showing Tip #2 - Understanding Class Criteria

Make sure you fully understand the criteria for the class you're entering. Your entry should align closely with these requirements. While creating a collage can highlight your pet's versatility, an overly busy collage might prevent the judge from fully appreciating each image. However, not using a collage could also impact your chances of placing.

Online Pet Showing Tip #3 - Condition

For condition-focused classes, a side-on photo of your pet can help the judge better evaluate their condition.

Online Pet Showing Tip #4 - Action Shots

For classes assessing your pet's action or agility, a clear, side-on shot or one that captures the movement well from the relevant requested angle can make a difference in your scoring.

Online Pet Showing Tip #5 - Alertness

Entries featuring pets looking engaged and alert often fare better. Pets showing interest may score higher, depending on the class requirements.

Online Pet Showing Tip #6 - Clear Images

Blurry images may negatively affect your score. A crisp, clear photo with your pet as the focal point will be more appealing to the judge.

Online Pet Showing Tip #7 - Proper Image Orientation

Ensure your photos are correctly oriented. Images not facing up correctly could be scored lower, or not place at all.

Online Pet Showing Tip #8 - Watermarked Images

We accept watermarked images if you've purchased them, and the watermark is for promotional purposes. Images with obstructive watermarks need accompanying proof of the photographer's permission.

Online Pet Showing Tip #9 - Effective Use of Collages

Collages are encouraged where permitted but avoid overcrowding. The judge should easily see each image for efficent scoring.

Online Pet Showing Tip #10 - Entries of Deceased Pets or Older Images

You can enter images of pets no longer with you or from the past, provided you own the image rights. Ensure the entry fits any age-specific class criteria based on when the photo was taken.

For additional help, feel free to contact us at

Online Pet Showing Tip #11 - Specific Class Advice

  • Photo of the Month should be taken in the current month.

  • Pet of the Month benefits from using collages to showcase your activities within the month.

  • Condition or coat classes require a clear view of your pet's body.

  • Headshot classes prefer close-up images, usually shoulder and above.

  • Mobile phone classes must use photos taken with a mobile phone.

  • Collage classes may require various angles or activities as described in the class criteria.

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