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Rules for Participating in Online Pet Showing

Updated: Jun 5

By participating in Online Pet Showing, you automatically accept and agree to follow the rules outlined below.

All competitors participate at their own risk, and Online Pet Showing is not liable for any injuries sustained during competition.

It is the entrants' duty to thoroughly review the criteria for each class they enter.

Please read our complete terms and conditions available here.


  • Online Pet Showing reserves the right to adjust the schedule, rosettes, prizes, sponsors, and entry fees as needed.

  • Online Pet Showing is designed for fun and is not affiliated with any breed or showing societies.

  • Entrants must have the right to use all images they submit.

  • Unauthorized use of someone else's image may lead to immediate disqualification.

  • Online Pet Showing reserves the right to deny participation in our events. We may disqualify entries at any time.

  • We do not tolerate negative behavior.

  • All submitted images will be visible to the public.

  • Entry deadlines may be extended if necessary.

  • Minors under 16 must have parental consent to participate.

  • We advise wearing appropriate safety gear.

  • You need consent from everyone visible in your submission.

  • Refunds are only issued at the discretion of Online Pet Showing.

  • Notify Online Pet Showing of any address changes to avoid issues with prize delivery.

  • If your address changes, contact us at BEFORE prizes are dispatched.

  • We cannot replace prizes for incorrect address submissions. If you don’t receive a reply about an address change, please contact us again.

  • Pets and their owners may enter each class multiple times but must adhere to the class rules.

  • Ensure your full name and your pet's name are on the entry form; alternative names are allowed to be used.

Digital Editing Guidelines:

  • Reasonable digital edits are allowed unless specified otherwise.

    • Black background / Solid colour background edits and minor background alterations are permitted but do not alter the photo's core structure.

    • Basic filters, overlays, and presets are acceptable.

    • Editing your pet’s appearance or condition is prohibited and considered unfair.

    • Do not use photos taken from the internet unless the class rules state otherwise.

    • Drawings and AI-generated images are prohibited unless the class rules specify.

  • Ensure images are correctly oriented.

Online Pet Showing has the final say and any images will be uploaded at our discretion.

Watermarked Images:

  • We accept watermarked images if you’ve purchased the full rights and the watermark is for the photographer's promotion.

  • Images with a watermark obscuring the subject need accompanying proof of the photographer's consent.


  • Entrants must pre-assemble collages. If multiple images are uploaded separately, only the first will be considered.

  • While collages are encouraged, clarity is key to ensure judges can effectively evaluate each image.

Uploads & Results:

  • Results will be shared on social media and our website within three days after the competition ends.

  • Allow three working days for the upload of entries after payment confirmation.

Loyalty & Free Entries:

  • Points are awarded for each paid entry, excluding charity classes.

  • Loyalty entries, earned through £3.50 class purchases excluding charity classes, are valid for one use per month, up to 12 months from your last entry.

Disregarding these rules may lead to disqualification from Online Pet Showing.

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us at

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