Entries cost £3.00 per class, this includes free 2nd Class mail within the UK.

(Overseas entrants will need to cover air mail costs, of which we charge: EU £4.50, International £5.00.)

All classes have rosettes 1st - 8th, and you may enter Class 16 for FREE with 2 paid for entries.

You can also enter by email:, please include payment information and postal address

Entries close November 6th, 6pm GMT

Please note: Horses are *not permitted in this show. If you'd like to enter your horses, please head to:

*Horses may be pictured but the main subject must be another pet

If you're using a mobile phone, you may be required to scroll down on the PayPal screen for payment.

Please scroll down to read the class rules BEFORE entering, for each class.

Please note: Billing address IS your shipping address, and a phone number is NOT required.


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